How I Became a Ski Bum- and I Hope You’ll Join Me!

I’m in Bend and, while I’m here, I plan to ski at Mt. Bachelor. After that I’m going to Seattle to ski with Steve and Peggy Sue Juergens. And I’m meeting Jenny Wayman in McCall, Idaho on Dec. 13-and we’ll ski. I also plan to visit Chip Sievert in Reno- and ski. My son-in-law, Aaron,… Continue reading How I Became a Ski Bum- and I Hope You’ll Join Me!


Filling in the blanks…

I haven’t written since Oct. 16th!  I’ve been busy- cycling, hiking, eating, drinking, talking, exploring!:) Today, Oct. 30th, I’m in Java Love Roasting Company in Sedona, AZ,  with Jenny.  Her nine friends, from her childhood in Evanston, Illinois, headed toward their homes this morning- returning to Seattle, Kenosha, WI, Evanston, IL . We’ve been together for a… Continue reading Filling in the blanks…


Cool Things About Friday’s Ride

Brian and I left Santa Barbara late morning yesterday (Oct.14) and had a delightful ride…through the foothills of Santa Barbara… past a sweet sign… past beautiful colors… with views of Santa Barbara… past Santa Barbara Tennis Club…. on an amazing bike path, between Carpenteria and Ventura… on wide, newly black-topped roads with wide bike lanes,… Continue reading Cool Things About Friday’s Ride