Tsunamis and the West Coast

Tsunamis, tsunami evacuation routes, tsunami fears and tsunami stories, are alive on the west coast. ¬†Quite incredible to feel the power of our universe, learning that¬†this town of Crescent City, CA, where I am today, ¬†was hit hard by a ¬†tsunami after the 1964 Alaskan earthquake and again in 2011, after the earthquake in Japan!… Continue reading Tsunamis and the West Coast


Where did he go?!

California! Emily, Aaron and I crossed into California on Tuesday afternoon, about 375 miles behind us since¬†Astoria, Oregon. ¬†We had cycled the Oregon coast! ¬† We had beaten the rain, wind¬†and non-stop hills. ¬†We conversed with other touring bicyclists, talked¬†with people interested in our adventure, saw whales and sea lions and cormorants and pelicans, kept… Continue reading Where did he go?!