Tsunamis and the West Coast

Tsunamis, tsunami evacuation routes, tsunami fears and tsunami stories, are alive on the west coast. ¬†Quite incredible to feel the power of our universe, learning that¬†this town of Crescent City, CA, where I am today, ¬†was hit hard by a ¬†tsunami after the 1964 Alaskan earthquake and again in 2011, after the earthquake in Japan!… Continue reading Tsunamis and the West Coast


Where did he go?!

California! Emily, Aaron and I crossed into California on Tuesday afternoon, about 375 miles behind us since¬†Astoria, Oregon. ¬†We had cycled the Oregon coast! ¬† We had beaten the rain, wind¬†and non-stop hills. ¬†We conversed with other touring bicyclists, talked¬†with people interested in our adventure, saw whales and sea lions and cormorants and pelicans, kept… Continue reading Where did he go?!


“Here’s to pay for your hotel in Yachats.”

We pedaled a couple of miles south after the raccoon wounds and stopped for breakfast. ¬†At the table next to us was a couple from Coeur d’Alene, who I didn’t know, who were playing golf and exploring the Oregon coast. ¬†Tom and Tracey Baker. We talked about Tom’s life growing up in Salmon, Idaho, about… Continue reading “Here’s to pay for your hotel in Yachats.”