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San Diego!

Strange that it’s difficult to find time to write, when I don’t have a job to work around. Packing, riding, socializing, messing with my phone, eating, drinking, and socializing some more, take a lot of time.

Pat Doody and I rode from Carlsbad, CA to San Diego yesterday and I’m now camped at Dave Buckley’s and Beth Ross-Buckley’s in the Mission Hills section of San Diego. Dave is my second cousin, which I understand to mean that his mom and my dad are cousins.

It’s 85 degrees here, warm for this time of year, the locals say. 🙂

Pat is a friend from my high school days in Lewiston, NY; he joined me in Manhattan Beach and we have ridden together the past three days. San Clemente the first night, on to Carlsbad and then San Diego.  Shortly after we arrived in SD, Pat cycled to the train and went back to Carlsbad, where his sister-in-law, Pam Skelton, lives. He got a flat on the way to the train. 😦

The ride from Carlsbad was 36 miles of flat mostly flat terrain,  with good bike lanes, some enjoyable rollers, a significant climb at Torrey Pines and more of those Pacific Ocean views,  with hundreds of surfers, skateboarders, cyclists,  walkers and more ocean lovers!

Del Mar. There are surfers out there.
Just before the climb to Torrey Pines
Torrey Pines Golf Course- thinking of my golfing son, Kristofer.


La Jolla, where I was when my brother called. 🙂

Pat,  La Jolla.  Much of the day was like this. 🙂


Dave and Beth’s home, where I am so fortunate to be staying


Their new patio, where we ate dinner in the dark, by the fireplace






One thought on “San Diego!

  1. Looks and sounds like a wonderful adventure David!!! You are a great inspiration. We spent the month of October exploring in our camper, it was so fun- hiking, visiting, exploring, what a wonderful way to start retirement. Take care and enjoy! Pam


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