Cool Things About Friday’s Ride

Brian and I left Santa Barbara late morning yesterday (Oct.14) and had a delightful ride…through the foothills of Santa Barbara…


past a sweet sign…


past beautiful colors…


with views of Santa Barbara…


past Santa Barbara Tennis Club….

img_2458on an amazing bike path, between Carpenteria and Ventura…

img_3953on wide, newly black-topped roads with wide bike lanes, next to the ocean…

img_2482img_2479to Ventura.


3 thoughts on “Cool Things About Friday’s Ride

    1. Wolfgang and Barbara!

      Great to hear from you! Glad all is well.

      I’m just north of LA. Meeting Jenny Wayman in Arizona this Friday and we’ll have two weeks together. I’m super excited about that!

      Miss you!



  1. What a wonderful place to ride, David, and great to hear that you are on track to reconnect with Jenny in AZ. I’ll really miss being with you guys this time around, as the time we spent together here in WA at the beginning of your journey was an incredibly memorable time for me. Have a great vacation in a vacation ;-).


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