Quick update!

My days have been filled, and as I recently cycled through Big Sur, there was little or no cell access. So it’s good to be writing tonight.

I’m in Avila Beach, CA, sough of the lovely town of San Luis Obispo, home of California Polytechnic Institute.  A friend of Brian Smallwood’s bought us a beautiful hotel room.

After two full days in San Francisco, I rode to my second cousin’s house, Julie Buckley, in Los Altos, just south of Palo Alto. That evening Julie and I drove around the Silicon Valley and I saw some of the key players- Google and Facebook, Stanford University.

Mark Rakes, who contracts with Google, arranged a tour for me by one of his friends.


Srini, Google employee who works on wi-fi, Mark Rakes’ friend and my guide


Google bikes, for employee use, are distributed all over campus


img_3613Google bikes, for the employees. 

I took a train back to San Francisco and went to the Lumineers concert with Emily and Aaron.

Emily and Aaron drove me back to Los Altos, to get my bike and panniers, and then to the bus in San Jose, which I took to Monterey, so I could be there in time to meet Brian Smallwood, from Camarillo, CA, near LA. He’s riding with me to LA…and probably San Diego.

We camped in Monterey.

From Monterey we rode the 17 Mile Drive, around the affluent Pebble Beach area, and on t the Big Sur on Saturday.


A common scene:)


18th hole at Pebble Beach



Beachfront in Carmel


South of Carmel, we stopped at an “Open House”- a $10,000,000 home.

“Open House”


Starting into Big Sur- 100 miles of windy roads, largely next to the ocean

Emily and Aaron caught up with us at the Big Sur Bakery on Sunday and served as our sag wagon. 







Our sag wagon leader, with Aaron, as we continued along Big Sur






img_3763Lunch in Lucia- Emily, Aaron, Brian and me, then we loaded the bikes on the car and raced to the Hearst Castle and caught the last tour. 


From San Simeon, we rode to Morro Bay, where Aaron surfed.


We loaded the bikes on Emily and Aaron’s car and drove the last stretch to San Luis Obispo, to give us time to play in what we understood to be a vibrant town- and it is!



6 thoughts on “Quick update!

  1. love love love the pics, wow what incredible scenery to ride along!! also recognize your cycling buddy! what an adventure, love reading your posts David! keep well friend!

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  2. You are rockin this trip♡ love the area you are going through now…our old playgrounds! You are living a dream of ours…we plan to do more in Canada next summer. Keep on keeping on, love that em is with u so often!
    Snow here in wfish …Carl finishing paint on our house and I am subbing 2 weeks for lindley…..all is well. Xoxo anne

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