Forgot to publish…:) Ten Days to Departure!

It was 14 months ago that I first said, “When I retire I’m going to ride my bike across the country.”  I remember the first time I eliminated the “I’m thinking about” and said, “I’m going to…ride my bike across the country.”  It committed me.  It excited me- and scared me a bit.

I leave Sept. 1, 2016.  My house is rented.  I bought a Kona Sutra bicycle.  Rich Dussell loaned me his Ortlieb panniers.  Brian Smallwood sent me a battery for a phone charger.  My family in Wisconsin bought me a GoPro camera. Friends personalized a cycling shirt for me.  Many, many people have asked helpful questions and shared advice and concerns.

I wanted a name for my journey and, finally, after input via Facebook, over dinner at Crafted with Ben and Brinnon, Mike and Lisa, Jenny and Escarlet, and fine-tuning with my family in Wisconsin,  the name is “Another Groth Adventure.”  I like that it references the past and future adventures.

I’m excited and a bit anxious. Keith Jones is riding with me the first three days.  A posse is escorting me to Spokane.


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