Slight hiccup …

At least I was wrapped in a warm blanket.

I got a sinus infection (somehow!) and have been camped in a Travelodge in Fort Bragg, CA since Tuesday afternoon. I haven’t written in a week. 😦

Other excuses for not writing:

  • I didn’t have access to wi-fi, nor cell service to use my phone as a hot spot.
  • There weren’t coffee shops in which to sit in the morning for a bit and write.
  • I was riding all day and didn’t find a place to sleep until after dark, and that was on the high school football field.

I left Crescent City last Friday, riding a full day alone for the first time on the trip.  I had been with Keith, Murray, Jenny, Emily and Aaron for parts of it. And that was wonderful!

I felt a little lost.  Immediately after leaving Crescent City there’s a significant climb, with narrow shoulders, lots of construction and many logging trucks.  The construction backs up long lines of traffic and then it’s intense for a bit as they all pass. I did enjoy the redwoods, but I was especially glad to get to the top.

There are more hitchhikers on 101 than we see in Idaho.  They wait hours to get rides, but I do see them moving down the coast- sometimes not much faster than me. They tend to be a pretty rugged looking group.  Sometimes I feel like one of the nomads, aimlessly moving along.  If I had dreads, more tattoos and a few piercings…

After Crescent City I saw a couple of hitchhikers and one was juggling.  He had beyond- basic skills and was trying to do “the box,” a rather difficult three-ball trick.  I stopped and gave him a couple of tips and his hitchhiking partner was effusive over what had been sent their way. “We get a guy who knows how to juggle!”

Shortly after this I left heavily traveled 101 for a parkway that wandered through redwoods the size they put on postcards.  And because it was September, there was hardly any traffic.  I was relaxed and enjoying it..and then my phone rang. It was  Steve Juergens, my college friend from Seattle.  I sat down on the side of the road and we talked.  Lifted my slightly lonely spirits.

The parkway though the redwoods seemed to descend for a graciously long time.  It started to rain highly and I decided to get a motel in Orick- the two star Palm Motel.





9 thoughts on “Slight hiccup …

  1. Hope you get better. do they arrest vagrants for sleeping on the HS field?
    Good to talk last week. Thinking of you!


  2. Hey David, I have a sinus infection too! Just after hosting you and then off for camp out in my camper. Hmmmmm, maybe there’s a little sinister sinus bug lurking in the van. Hope you’re feeling better, 😎Debra(Warm Shower host, Eureka)


  3. i’ve been wondering how you have been managing on your own. i can understand about feeling lonely after having such good company for the first part of your trip. Take the rest you need to clear your sinus infection…must be that time of year for infections, Jamey just had a high fever for 2 days, and now Becca has a very sore tooth or gum infection…us travellers, it might be hard to take rest days when you want to just keep going, but rest days are really important for the spirit and the body. Feel better soon friend, all our love from sunny hot Cambodia!!!

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  4. Nicola! Yes, rest days are harder to take than I understood. On this trip, I get in a rhythm with some cyclists and to take a break is to lose them. But I know now that rest days are extremely important.

    Sorry the kids have been sick. Makes it hard (er).

    I’m eager to complete the 173 miles to SF, where I’ll see friends. Then on to LA and an Oct. 21 flight to Phoenix to connect with Jenny!

    Hi Evan!

    So great to hear from you!



  5. Hi David,
    Hope you’re feeling better soon. Seems you’ve taken a bit of a weather beating….weather or whether not….this too will pass.
    Big Hugs
    Gina and Bruce


  6. Hi David
    Hope you feel better soon. Seems you got a little weather beaten… or whether not….this too will pass……🚴🚴🚴
    Gina & Bruce


  7. Hi David! We met you on your second day, at the highway rest area with Cheryl and Keith. Good to hear you’re still rolling, although sorry about the hiccup. I had a cough for a solid month during our trip, and it was such a pain!

    We made it to Seattle and finished our trip on September 8. Now we’re back home in Portland, Maine, getting back to real life.

    So great to meet you!

    Rob, Sarah, and Cedar


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