Politicians as Liars

So, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton lie to us.  Their every move and utterance is recorded, so it is beyond discussion. They lie.

But they continue to run for President of the United States.

If  a doctor lied to us, the word would spread and s/he would have a hard time working in that community.

“There are no side effects to this medication,” says Dr. X.  Or, “I can say 100% that this surgical procedure will take care of your issue.”

Or if a teacher lied, or a contractor, or a whatever… word would spread.

But for candidates for President of the United States, our standards are way lower.

How did we get here?

One thought on “Politicians as Liars

  1. It has been a 200 year progression of acceptance of corruption, cheating and lying. Who knows what the beginning of the tumble down the slippery slope was, perhaps jaywalking??? I think maybe is was the change in laws to allow lobbyists, which was the beginning of professional politicians and the end of elected REPRESENTATIVES 😒


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