Tsunamis and the West Coast

Tsunamis, tsunami evacuation routes, tsunami fears and tsunami stories, are alive on the west coast.  Quite incredible to feel the power of our universe, learning that this town of Crescent City, CA, where I am today,  was hit hard by a  tsunami after the 1964 Alaskan earthquake and again in 2011, after the earthquake in Japan!

When I was cycling  with Murray, near Ruby Beach in Washington, we speculated on the effect of meetings between world powers being held next to the ocean, on the beach.   Seems like it would  promote a perspective on how small we are in the scope of the universe, how minuscule our issues are and how majestic our Earth is. And we all live here. Maybe it would promote compromise?

Or, what if the Hilary/ Donald debates were held on the beach?!  🙂



4 thoughts on “Tsunamis and the West Coast

  1. David! If you haven’t passed through Arcata yet, let me know. I grew up there and have recommendations for beaches, bagels, beer, etc… Great blogging- have fun!


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