Where did he go?!


Emily, Aaron and I crossed into California on Tuesday afternoon, about 375 miles behind us since Astoria, Oregon.  We had cycled the Oregon coast!   We had beaten the rain, wind and non-stop hills.  We conversed with other touring bicyclists, talked with people interested in our adventure, saw whales and sea lions and cormorants and pelicans, kept going when we wanted to be done for the day, celebrated when we did reach our day’s destination.

We ate seafood pasta, fresh salads with my favorite beets, burritos and cod sandwiches, and tried breweries like Port-o-Pint and Yachts Brewing that even Emily and Aaron hadn’t been to!

Tuesday night we celebrated at Port-o-Pint Brewery, enjoyed a lively Irish jam by local music lovers and, after tasting most of their beers,  had dinner at Marlo’s, a Greek/ Italian restaurant. Emily and Aaron are good at finding quality food- and beer.


I’m writing at Starbucks in Crescent City.  Phone conversation by the hitchhiker sitting across from me, here to have coffee and get his phone charged.

“It feels good to be sober.”

“What day is it?”

“Oh, Thursday?”

“I’m glad I didn’t show up drunk to the lodge last night.”

“Today’s Thursday?  I thought it was Wednesday.”


One thought on “Where did he go?!

  1. funny David, Evan and I have to keep asking each other, “what day is it today?” and I promise it’s not because we are drinking too much! loved this post. I need to take a lesson from you on brevity for my blog. Keep going friend! xo


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