FAQ’S- 9/14/16


  • When is Aaron Kunkel’s birthday?
    • Today!! He’s 33 and we’re going for a bike ride on a sunny day along the Pacific Ocean to celebrate!
  • Why is the format screwed up in the above section?
    • I dont’ know!  Mark Rakes? Katie Palmer?
  • What’s it like riding with all of that weight on your bike?
    • At first, my bike felt top-heavy and quite unstable.  Then I remembered what Rich Dussell told me, and switched the large panniers to the front and put the smaller ones on the back. That lowered the weight and has made a huge difference in how stable the bike feels.
    • When I was riding without panniers, I backtracked to pick up a penny and a nickel.  Since I’ve been loaded, I only pick up coins that I happen to stop on top of. 🙂
  • How have the roads been for bicyclists?
    • Bravo, Washington state!   Most of the roads had pave shoulders, without much glass, from three to eight feet wide.
    • Bravo! Oregon!  Bicyclists are valued and the shoulders are wide and there are signs encouraging consideration of bicyclists.img_0829 Find the error in the above sign.  Be the first and I will buy you a beer in June of 2017.:
      • Congratulations .Mike May!  You are the winner!
      • Congratulations, Sara Graverson, you are the first to say, “That’s what I was going to say!” I owe you a beer.
      • Congratulations, Emily Kunkel, you had the inside track and used it. I owe you a beer.
    • When will you pass 1,000 miles?
      • This week!  Probably on Saturday, Sept. 17.

3 thoughts on “FAQ’S- 9/14/16

  1. Flashing for the hour at 12 mph gives the rider a little cushion… ok with that… I think that once you have activated the lighting, why would you “reactivate” ?? You are long gone, and would have to backtrack to do so…. push button, haul butt…

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