Raccoons like Gel

I know better.  There are wild critters living in the woods- even in the woods is two blocks from the town of Lincoln City.

In the middle of the night, I thought I heardAaron looking for something in his packs. But he kept looking. And kept looking. So I unzipped my tent and looked. There were four raccoons tearing through my packs, eating Gel, opening packs of Gel and spreading it all over everything else, eating my $10 freeze-dried beef stroganoff.  I closed all of the packs, did middle-of-the-night level of clean-up and went back to bed.

But they returned, showed their relentlessness, their experience with a variety of sealed packs, and they found more items that appealed to them. So I put all of the packs in the tent with me, and today  I have some clean-up to do.


7 thoughts on “Raccoons like Gel

  1. Dean Bennett is absolutely correct! They are nasty critters and can get quite vicious. They’re also really good at running the pick against people disarmed by their supposed “cuteness.” Stay strong – on the bike and in the night! God speed.


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