We took a left turn…

After six days of heading mostly west, on Wednesday, Sept. 7, we turned south on 101.  I felt like I was on my way to San Diego- which doesn’t really seem that far away, because I’m feeling strong and all is going well.

I’m in Aberdeen,  Washington at a Best Western with Murray Reid.  We rode 45 miles, the lightest day of the tour, and arrived in Aberdeen before 4:30 p.m.  Previous to this, I’d never stopped before 6:30 p.m. This is more like the pace at which I want to move.

Jenny Wayman was the SAG wagon today.  After Murray and I took off, Jenny sat in the sun in the Adirondack chairs at the Quinault Lodge, where we stayed last night and- read! We haven’t done much of that since Sept. 1.

Ten miles down the road Murray and I came upon the two cyclists with whom we had visited  at Quinault Lodge last night- step-brothers Jack and Jordan, from Vancouver, B.C., who are headed for Tierra del Fuego, at the southern tip of South America. They were smoking cigarettes and fixing a flat.  We talked about our bikes, the Ortlieb bags, about why there were carrying a large tarp. I gave them on of my cards, we wished each other well…and wondered if we’d run into each other on 101.


Jordan and Jack



Jack’s cycling shoes, to go with his button down white shirt. 

Three hours later ,I received a text from Jenny that she had picked up two cyclists and was transporting them to Aberdeen.  Jack and Jordan had several flats and were ready to give up for the day.  Jenny brought them to the Best  Western, as Murray and I arrived, we caught up on the day and then she delivered them to their “Warm Showers “(see below)  host for the night.

What is  “Warm Showers?”  “The Warm Showers Community is a free, worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists. People who are willing to host touring cyclists sign up and provide their contact information, and may occasionally have someone stay with them and share great stories and a drink. All members agree to host others now or in the future, but for some members hosting may be years, or even decades, in the future.”

In the summer of 2016, Jenny Wayman and I had three great experiences hosting Warm Showers cyclists.

3 thoughts on “We took a left turn…

  1. OMG I loved the separate picture of Jack’s shoes…because as I was looking at the first photo, I wondered if he was someone just there to help fix the flat tire based solely on his outfit (those cycling shoes, skinny jeans and white button down)…but then his helmet gave it away….hilarious!! I love it!! I guess they thought a big tarp was more important than spandex cycling shorts, quick dry t-shirt and cycling shoes!! What an adventure!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the bond we feel when meeting travelers of this earth, rather cycling, backpacking, hiking ….
    We have so many quick deep encounters from being in a shelter camping in a thunderstorm in Jasper to finding someone who finally knows where we should go in another country. Enjoy these encounters♡
    Love your writings xo a + c


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