• How many miles/ day are you riding?
    • In the first 10 days, without carrying panniers, the longest day was 96 miles and the shortest 45 miles.
    • With panniers, 50 miles is a long day.
  • How much does your bike weigh, with four panniers, a tent, sleeping bag, Thermarest and juggling clubs?
    • I don’t know- yet.
  • When will you arrive in Oregon?
    • Monday, Sept. 13, and I’ll meet my daughter, Emily and her husband, Aaron, and ride with them for nine days!
  • What kind of bike are you riding?
    • Kona Sutra
  • Is your bike an attractive color?
    • Yes, it is a light green.  Lisa May and Jenny Wayman think it’s a very cool color.
  • How many miles did you ride in the first ten days?
    • 634
  • Where will you sleep?
    • I will camp, stay with friends, stay with Warm Showers hosts (for bicyclists) and, occasionally, in a hotel.
  • How often do people say, “Hey Biker Boy, may I feel your thighs?”
    • Since Jenny and Murray left, no one has said it.

13 thoughts on “FAQ’S-9/10/16

  1. I love your blog, and your trip, and that you are living your dream! I do not love you not being at our Morning Meeting, working with you, and not sitting in ridiculous unnecessary collaborations with you. I know the feeling of freedom and adventure, and can’t wait to read more! Blessings to you my sweet friend!


  2. watching the Packers (tied 7-7) and reading your blog. Love you mad the turn and sound so strong! Keep having fun! Gorgeous day in Wisconsin and wish you the same!!


  3. Whenever….one word not two! That’s what I was going to say! Early bird gets the worm! We (sue, tom and Sara) are driving from Rapid City, SD to Jackson today and reading your blog aloud in the car. Question from TW: what is your resting heart rate now that you’ve biked across almost two states in 15 days? Hoping for a surprise appearance in Jackson if you can swing it!😉 happy trails, safe travels and a happy bday to Aaron! 🚲🍻😎


  4. It’s also odd that the sign says there is limited viability for 11 miles but specifies you need to be going 12 MPH to make it through in an hour.


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