Winthrop- 241 miles from Coeur d’Alene

Just sat down at Old Schoolhouse Brewery in Winthrop.  8:40 p.m.  We started out the day calling it a “day off,” since we were only going 62 miles, after the 92 miles yesterday, largely against the wind.

Started in Bridgeport State Park, on the Columbia River.  Sixty- two miles and nine hours later we arrived at a KOA one mile east of Winthrop. Dipped in the Columbia River in Brewster, the cozy hometown of David Pendegraff, the former Gonzaga basketball player who was a hustle guy and very fun to watch.  (Keith and I spent 10 miles trying to remember his first name and I got it as we left the beach.  “It’s David!”)  Dipped in the Methow River.

We were in search of coffee and made a good decision to grab a Ranchero Burrito and coffee in the Mexican section of town. Pateros. Manama. Twisp, along the Methow River.

One more story, before I go.  I took my Thermarest to the Columbia River this morning to try to find the puncture.  A guy said, “I see you got clean-up duty.”

I explained what I was doing and he quickly offered me his Thermarest to take with me until I got a new one.  Matt Adams, from Wenatchee.

So tonight, I’m looking forward to a pad under me.

Tomorrow, 74 miles up Washington Pass, on Highway 20. We’re pushing harder than I will in the long run.  I want to ride and have energy and time at the end of the day to write and talk to people.

Cheryl Kunkel, our sag wagon supreme for the first three days, leaves us tomorrow and Jenny Wayman joins us!  Keith Jones is riding to the pass and then back to Winthrop, where his wife, Jennifer, will pick him up.  He’s helped  me a lot- pulling me, moving at a comfortable pace,  being his positive self.

I look forward to having time to get pictures on here, too.




13 thoughts on “Winthrop- 241 miles from Coeur d’Alene

  1. Hi David
    When I read about your “day off” mileage it brought back fond memories of my first ever tour ride from Seattle to S.F.. The day we were suppose to just ride 10 miles to a nice campground and relax the rest of the day turned out to be a 75 mile day. When I asked what happened to the rest day my biking buddy said, oh, I just felt like riding.
    Enjoy the memories!
    Rich D


  2. Hope you are not spending Memorial Day fighting rain and wind climbing the pass from this side… been there, done that… not your fun cycling day…


  3. David, I don’t know which is bigger – your heart or your dreams! Supporting you and Keith those three days was so inspiring! That determination, get it done, yet fun attitude is infectious! I pray that God will continue to go ahead of you and your fellow cyclists, and with you. That you feel Him through His amazing creation, as well as in the love and kindness of people. Shine on, Cheryl and Lucy


  4. Great to keep up with your adventures. Couldn’t see how to post photos here, so I’ll post a few of The Big Send Off on your Facebook page. And more later…..

    Liked by 1 person

  5. So great to follow your adventure. I couldn’t find a way to post photos of The Big Send Off in this comment section, so I posted a few on your Facebook page. More to come…..


  6. Loved reading your posts!! David, did you have back up glasses or did you have to duct tape them? So thankful for Matt from Wenatchee who gave you his thermostat. The generosity of people has already started. Love it!!! Hey have you set up the capability for people to subscribe to your blog so we can get an email when you do a post?
    Ride on friend….praying for wind at your back! Nic and the barefoot family xo


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